Skillon Roof Shed

Skillion Roof Shed

Skillon Roof Shed

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Skillion Roof Sheds

You can never have too much storage but you can always run the risk of not having enough. If you are after a shed that uses space efficiently then a skillion roof shed is for you. Skillion sheds are typically popular in yards where space is at a premium or access is a challenge.  We manufacture our skillion sheds in a range of standard sizes but as with all of our products we can customise a shed to suit your needs, this may include windows or extra doors. All of our products are prefabricated which ensures a quick and easy installation process.  Head on over to our custom shed page for more information. 

Features include

  • 10-year warranty 
  • 8 rib sheet profile with panning for extra strength 
  • Pre-fabricated walls and doors for quick and easy installation 
  • Horizontal and diagonal door braces for maximum rigidity
  • 0.3mm hot dipped 55% aluminium zinc alloy coated steel